Yeah… I should’ve bought a gravel bike instead… but it costs more… but then I’ve already spent almost $1,500 for the new urban bike, fenders, racks, and all other kinds of crap. I should’ve spent $1K more and I would’ve gotten a bike I really wanted. My eyes were actually on a Marin Four Corners at first, then changed my mind to a Norco Search XR Flatbar… both are gravel bikes… but then after ordering the Norco Search I decided to cancel the order and go for the Norco Indie 2, thinking that maybe the gravel bike is an overkill for me since my main purpose for the bike was to get around town while carrying some load (groceries, stuff I pick up on errands, etc.) and since I live in an urban area, an urban bike would’ve been perfect. I realized it was the wrong bike for me when I did my last long bike trip to Brantford and then to Kitchener-Waterloo. There was a lot of climbing to do for that trip. The bike I’ve got now is really heavy with my tent, sleeping bag, 2 panniers on a rear rack… yet I still made that trip.

Well, I guess it’s OK. I did save money. I might get a bit guilty if I had bought a $2.5K worth of bike.

I still have been thinking of doing that Mississauga to Montreal bike trip though. Perhaps next year. If I do it, I think I would do a mixed camping + hotel/motel for every 100 km because it would be too expensive for me staying in hotels for that whole 5 day trip.

I have found that Montreal inspiration from this guy in this video:

You should really watch this video. I find this guy Dan’s story-telling really entertaining and funny. I must have watched this video 3 times.

Anyhow… Enough of bike talks.

Today, as usual, work from home. After work I tried to squeeze out what my niece really wanted for her graduation present from me. She is such a very considerate and humble girl who would not want others to bother spending money for her and so I had to really squeeze it out from her… eventually, I found out that she wanted a new pair of bluetooth headphones and so that’s what I am getting her. Originally I proposed to buy her a laptop but my sister stopped me from getting it and instead she went ahead and bought the laptop before I did. Like her daughter, she would not want to trouble others spending money for herself or for her family. Nothing wrong with it except it’s really hard getting presents for them. LOL.

As usual I watched Youtube videos at night. Ha ha. Man, I need a life… but then it’s a work week and so I guess it’s expected I don’t do anything exciting after work. I’m too tired to do anything exciting anyway after a busy day at work.

Anyway, time to go to bed. Good night.