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Please tune in to my live DJ mix show on every Saturday and Sunday, from 23:00 to 24:00 UTC. Click here for instructions on how to tune in.

I play all kinds of sub-genres of electronic dance music, both current and classic, but mostly classic, My favourite electronic dance music genres are house, acid house, techno, minimal techno, drum ‘n bass, UK Garage, electro, breakbeats, Italo-disco, hi-NRG, space disco, EBM, just to name a few.

I also play musical genres other than electronic dance music as well. I am also the "secret" DJ behind "THE DJ LUCAS THE ANARCHIST SHOW", "Blast From The Past with DJ Daniel", and "DJ KYOKO TIME" on's OpenMic, and in the past, "DJ Kate's Tales From The Crate" and "DJ KYOKO TIME" on Tilderadio.

You can listen to all of my archived livestreams through my Soundcloud page or through blog.