So moving forward, I will try my best to blog once a day. I will just say a brief summary of what I did for the day I guess and if there’s something important and is worth mentioning then I will say more about in details… I guess?

Tuesday – well as usual I worked from home. I work mostly from home. I only go to the office downtown (Toronto) to work twice a month, every other Wednesday. I like it. I save a lot of money (approx. $300 a month) from not taking the train to work everyday (I live in the suburbs).

I had a really busy day. I think I will have to start working 2 hours early tomorrow (6AM) just to get caught up. I hate staying later. I used to stay later but it was burning me out and so I stopped doing that. Morning I guess is fine because I wake up early anyway (I wake up at 5AM everyday) and usually had nothing to do but eat my breakfast before work.

After work, I went out for a leisurely bike ride. The weather was great. By the way, I bought a new bike I think about a month and a half ago. It is once again a hybrid bike – well, I’d like to use the term ‘urban bike’. My previous bike was a cheaper bike - also urban but is much lighter and I felt it was more like a fitness bike. The one I just bought can carry cargo and much heavier. Again it’s a Norco bike (I really like the Norco brand) – a 2023 Norco Indie 2. It cost $999 (+ tax). I think compared to other name brand bikes, it still falls on the affordable side. I already took it for a long ‘bikepacking’ trip. Bikepacking? Maybe, touring? I really don’t know. I just do my own thing. I cycled from Mississauga to Brant Conservation Park in Brantford, camped for the night, then cycled again to Laurel Creek Conservation Park in Waterloo the next day to camp again. I want to blog more about it later.

my new bike with cargo from recent bikepacking trip
my new bike with cargo from recent bikepacking trip

Then I watched my customary YouTube videos. I’ve been watching Coffeehouse Crime almost every night now. I also watched this awesome YouTube video:

I have also been watching a lot of YouTube videos on poverty and homelessness in the Philippines where I was born and raised. Seeing poor and homeless kids really break my heart. I have been thinking of adopting a poor child in the Philippines but I don’t think I qualify since I am single and gay. I think adoption agencies would prefer a straight married couple. I just thought maybe it would be a great idea for more families in rich countries like Canada to adopt poor, homeless kids from poor countries. I think that would help a lot – save as much child as we can from these sufferings.

OK, good night.