I kept forgetting to blog at the end of the day. I already missed 3 days of not blogging. Sorry about that.

In the past few days I had been thinking of getting my bike a front basket. It does not look cool but it would be very useful and convenient… and so, I cycled 66 km to and from Urbane Cyclist near College and Spadina in downtown Toronto to pick up a Wald 1372GB front basket.

Wald 1372GB Front Basket
Wald 1372GB Front Bike Basket

I originally picked up the model that was deeper but it looked awful on my bike. It was huge… so I immediately went back to the store and exchanged it.

After I got home, I immediately installed it.

bike with front basket 1 bike with front basket 2
bike with front basket 3 bike with front basket 4

Now it’s going to be much more convenient to grab quick grocery items using the basket instead of using my rear panniers.

Then with just 5 minutes to spare, I had to quickly set up my DJ rig to livestream the 994th episode of my aNONradio show The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix!

(header photo credit: Tokyo By Bike)