Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/07/26

2016-07-26 23:59:59 +0000

Wasabi Night (Mostly Japanese Electro Rock + Other Tunes)

title / artist
Omatsuri mambo お祭りマンボ / Shinohara Tomoe 篠原ともえ
Devo Corporate Anthem / Devo
Explosions / Devo
Zero / Melt-Banana (for @leny2010)
The Hive / Melt-Banana (for @leny2010)
suru communication / otori
Miss Modular / Stereolab
6 Underground / Sneaker Pimps (for zilog)
Modokashii Hibi もどかしい日々 / sakanaction サカナクション
Digital Dancing Zombie / POLYSICS
Sexy Boy / Air
Bleeping Hedgehog / POLYSICS
Sunday Part I / Cibo Matto
We Carry On / Portishead

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My favourite electronica mix -- blast from the past

2016-07-26 03:04:19 +0000

When I do household chores I usually listen to live, listen to missed tob's shows (anonradio's Dubious Goals Committee show), or listen to my own show from the archives... Last night, I just happened to randomly pick an archived show from my own list and I happened to pick my show on October 31st, 2015. It was an early electronica mix I livestreamed, back when I was not talking on my shows. I only started talking in my shows about 3 months after my first show. I was not really planning on talking ever in my livestreams. My original plan was just to stream my mix LIVE and that was it. Going back to the October 31st, 2015 show -- well, I was pretty impressed with myself! LOL Sorry, I usually don't praise myself but I was pretty proud of that particular mix. I started the show with Boomtang Boys' remix of Popcorn back from the 90s then suddenly shifted to modern electronic music -- more like electro/techno... now I can't remember whether I obtained these tracks from Serato DJ's White Label collection (a collection of new as well as past music collection from popular DJs and artists accessible (well the high quality versions anyway) only to Serato DJ users and from my own music collection or from tracks I downloaded from amateur as well as professional DJs/artists on Soundcloud. The thing I like about this mix is that it describes me and specifically my taste of electronic music. I personally think this sets me apart from other more mainstream DJs out there. It also shows my "amateurness" when you'll notice transition/beatmatch mistakes I made when I attempted to insert a late 80s Technotronic classic somewhere in the middle of the mix. A huge fail! haha! All of my mix has one or two fails anyways so I am kind of used to them :P Well, I think you should just find out what I am trying to say by listening to the anonradio archive link below:

Details of the mix (playlist, titles, artists, timings, etc) are on my Serato DJ page below:

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/07/25

2016-07-25 23:59:59 +0000

Oldies But Goodies (60s and some 70s)

title / artist
Where Have All The Flowers Gone / Peter, Paul and Mary
Big Yellow Taxi / Joni Mitchell
With God On Our Side / Bob Dylan and Joan Baez
Stewball / Peter, Paul & Mary
John Brown / Bob Dylan (for handyc)
Rocky Mountain High / John Denver (for theflash)
You Can't Hurry Love / The Supremes (for jkrueger)
When The Rainbow Disappears / The Kitchen Cinq
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / The Animals
Break On Through (To The Other Side) / The Doors
(What A) Wonderful World / Herman's Hermits
Sweet Surrender / John Denver (for theflash)
Can't Turn You Loose (Live At The Woodstock Music & Art Fair, August 16, 1969) / Janis Joplin (for jkrueger)

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/07/24

2016-07-24 23:59:59 +0000

Mélange Night (Mixed Genres - Mostly 90s and beyond)

title / artist
All You Can Do / Jimetta Rose, Watsky
Religion / Lana Del Rey
Losing My Religion / R.E.M.
Candy Everybody Wants / 10,000 Maniacs
Silicone / Mono
The Cowboy and The Vocoder / Red Martian**
Opus 40 (Instrumental Version) / Mercury Rev (for niro)
Opus 40 (Remastered - with lyrics!) / Mercury Rev (for niro)
You On My Mind / Swing Out Sister (for froggyme)
Amish Paradise (Parody Of "Gangsta's Paradise" By Coolio) / 'Weird Al' Yankovic (for mushmouth)
Pop Corn / Marsheaux
Sci-Fi Wasabi / Cibo Matto

** - Red Martian is our sysadmin smj's awesome band! To order this awesome CD, please click here!
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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/07/23

2016-07-23 23:59:59 +0000

Electronicka Night!

This has been my favourite mix so far! Played lots of German techno artists this time. "German Techno" by Kasatka vs. Bombax was awesome!!!

title / artist
Relax Your Body (Radio Edit) / DJ Scana
Subway (Original Mix) / DJ Pablishhh!
Bidibodi Bidibu (Radio Edit) / The Bubbles
Transient Space / Dano C
White Mouse (DJ Cosmo Remix) / Audible
Techno (Music Techno) / Minimal House Nation
Gema Tanz / Technomachine
German Techno / Kasatka Vs Bombax
My Computer Boy / Ladies On Mars
Space / Stephan Crown
16 Bit / Fest
Euro Machine / Geiger167

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fish n chips

2016-07-22 03:30:00 +0000

Just came home from a get-together with former co-workers. It was nice seeing friends from my old workplace. I really missed them. We talked about the dramas that went on after I quit that company unexpectedly. I can't seem to avoid workplace dramas. They are everywhere. They follow me everywhere I go. I also enjoyed my fish n chips. ... more



2016-07-21 02:53:00 +0000

Wow! I just saw this movie on TMN. It was one awesome movie. It is making me think a lot. How I love apocalyptic movies. It could've been a garbage movie if not for its awesome casting. The casting really made a huge difference. It was also such a strange/weird movie... kind of avant-garde for lack of words to describe it... and disturbing... and eerie... haunting... and I love it!

... more


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