Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/08/06

2016-08-06 23:59:59 +0000

Electronicka Hour

title / artist
Lost Planet () / Glitter
Power To The Underground (Original Mix) / ARG, Sara
Whispers (Endroi Remix) / Datunes, Dimor
Electro Waves (Summer Mix 2011) / Digi
Fly To Space (Minimal Version) / Biancardi
Minimal Contest (Minimal Mix) / Digi
Dead Silence (Original Mix) / Arthur Ferratti, MaddoxX
Little Minxy (Original Mix) / YROR?
Funk Me (House Mix) / Digi
Freak To Freak () / Thega, Paolet
Brainstorm (Original Mix) / Wors

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/08/02

2016-08-02 23:59:59 +0000

Wasabi Night - "Earplugs Optional"

I made a bit of noise tonight. Haha. You might think this show was pre-recorded because I was not on chat (I was not in the mood for chat last night) but I was playing these tracks (and making noise) live. My shows are always live, please remember that :-) Hope you enjoy this playlist!

title / artist
What The Fuck Is The Internet / Japanther
Coelakanth Is Android / POLYSICS
Urban Disco / the telephones
I'm Not Really Sorry / Japanther
Hitokui papaya (Thurston Moore Mix) 人喰いパパイア(サーストン・ムーア MIX) / Shonen Knife
Drunken Butterfly / Sonic Youth
Know Your Chicken / Cibo Matto
Wandering Star / Portishead
Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee (Feat. Prefuse 73) / The Flaming Lips
Digital Dancing Zombie / POLYSICS
Blue Jeans / Ladytron
Airbrushed / Anamanaguchi
Suck Up Everything / SONOIO
Super Loser / Japanther
Inside Me / The Jesus & Mary Chain

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/08/01

2016-08-01 23:59:59 +0000

It's Time To Moog! - Classic 60s and 70s Electronic Music

Robert Moog and his synthesizers

title / artist
Intermission / Kraftwerk*
The Voice Of Energy / Kraftwerk*
Radioactivity / Kraftwerk*
Popcorn / Hot Butter
E.V.A. / Jean-Jacque Perrey
The Look Of Love / Richard Hayman
Bond Street / Enoch Light
Fly Me To The Moog / Herb Geller, Okko Bekker
Colonel Bogey / Kid Baltan
Doctor Who (Original Theme) [From "Doctor Who"] / Delia Derbyshire, Ron Grainer
The Windmills Of Your Mind / Richard Hayman
Spanish Eyes / Richard Hayman
You're Not Fooling Me / Silver Apples
Moog Power / Hugo Montenegro
Hey, Hey / Gershon Kingsley
Transistor / Kraftwerk

* - These three tracks were taken from Kraftwerk's 1975 "Radioactivity" album and not from "Kraftwerk". I mentioned the wrong album name on the show. Sorry!!
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Very Cool Music Video --> "Beat Dis" by Bomb The Bass

2016-08-01 16:06:45 +0000

I discovered a really cool music video yesterday --> "Beat Dis" by Bomb The Bass from 1988 and I included it on my radio show's playlist last night. I really wanted to say it was the "RADDEST" 80s music video I have ever seen -- cool white dood scratching (young Tim Simenon a.k.a. "Bomb The Bass" himself), skaters showing off their skateboard stunts, bomber jacket-clad people dancing to tunes by the DJ, young people making graffitis, etc etc. It perfectly portrays the early days of underground hip-hop/B-boy culture in London. So awesome! You should check out the video yourself:

"Beat Dis" by Bomb The Bass

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/07/31

2016-07-31 23:59:59 +0000

80s Hour -- 80s Synth/Breakbeats/New Wave Mix

title / artist
Beat Dis / Bomb The Bass
It's Like That / Run-D.M.C.
Rockit / Herbie Hancock
It Takes Two (Edit) / Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
Beat Box / Art Of Noise
Tom's Diner (7" Version) / Suzanne Vega & DNA
Let The Music Play / Shannon
Point Of No Return (7" Version) / Exposé
Doctorin' The House / Yazz, The Plastic Population & Coldcut
Listen To Your Heart / The Human League
Relax / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Fascinated (Re-Recorded / Remastered) / Company B
Just Can't Get Enough / Depeche Mode
Living On Video (Dub Mix) / Trans-X
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) / Dead Or Alive
Wishful Thinking / China Crisis

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Miss Nine and the CDJ-350/DJM-350 White Edition

2016-07-31 03:37:32 +0000

This promo video of the Pioneer CDJ-350/DJM-350 White Edition by Miss Nine convinced me to buy my first ever DJ equipment about 3 years ago. This equipment is still awesome even though my Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller has already replaced it. I still have the CDJs and I use them for playing CDs on my live Anonradio shows. I still occasionaly use these CDJs for mixing tracks from my CD collection. They are just pretty and very eye-candy. I can hear them whispering to me, "Play me" every time I see them.

Miss Nine is actually an awesome DJ. Please watch the video below and watch the CDJ-350/DJM-350 White Edition in action. I also love the track she played in the video... in fact, I included it in my playlist on my show last night :)

Miss Nine and the Pioneer CDJ-350/DJM-350 White Edition ... more


Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2016/07/30

2016-07-30 23:59:59 +0000

Electronicka Hour

This show has earned 15 listeners!! The second most listeners I had (1st one was interview with our popular sysadmin smj??), or maybe the most I had! I cannot remember... in anyway, I was very happy with this show. I think my aggressive promotion within our community helped a lot! hehe. I think I also picked really awesome tracks last night... considering I rushed preparing this playlist and practising mixing them within a recordbreaking time of half hour... an hour before my show (I went out for about 15 minutes after to buy smokes and coffee across the street... LOL LOL Thank you to all my listeners!!!

title / artist
My Girl (Our House Mix) / Pet Shop Boys
Nevertheless (Eelke Kleijn Remix) / Miss Nine
The Rhythm! (Original Mix) / Konzept
C64 / J8Man & Wlady
C64 (Original Mix) / Herr Lausch
My Electro House (Sergio Matina & DJ Fader Electro Stimulation Mix) / Electro Solid Guys
I Like It / Atari Boy
Glowstick (Mr. Vega 90s House Mix) / Matt Sayers
Cyber Monkey / DJ Rico Bonetti
Critikal Computer (Original Mix) / Adrian LaMinim
Mad Boy / Sam Ballack

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