Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/14

2018-07-14 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #bigBeat #electro #ambientBreaks #DetroitTechno

Planet Patrol

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title / artist
Gravitational Lens / Umwelt
Decalcify / Jimmy Edgar
Technology Gap / Underground Resistance
Real Life / Jeff Mills
Cosmic Surf / Octave One
Planet Takers / Binärpilot
Hyperkeratosis / Binärpilot
Seven Crossroads of the World / Keoki
Break And Enter / The Prodigy
Climbatize / The Prodigy
Spit at the demiurge (Voiron Remix) / Drvg Cvltvre
Girls / The Prodigy
Sleep Paralysis / Mikron
Security [Club Mix] / The Beat Club
Situation Hot / Arabian Prince
Al-Naafyish (The Soul) / Hashim
I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock and Roll) [Remastered 12" Vocal Version] / Planet Patrol
Body Mechanic / Quadrant Six
Computer Age (Push the Button) / Newcleus
Play at Your Own Risk (Remastered 12" Vocal Version) / Planet Patrol
How Much Can You Take? / M.C. A.D.E.
Da' Train / M.C. A.D.E.
Egypt Egypt / The Egyptian Lover
Planet E (E-Mix) / The Egyptian Lover
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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/10

2018-07-10 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #80sSynth #newWave

Tears For Fears

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title / artist
The Working Hour / Tears for Fears
Isolation / Joy Division
Heaven / The Psychedelic Furs
Hungry Like a Wolf / Duran Duran
Love Song / Simple Minds
I Wanna Be A Lifeguard / Blotto
You Might Think / The Cars
Glitter Years / The Bangles
President Am I / Slow Children
Come Back to the Living / The Lucy Show
Deeper and Deeper (Single Version) / The Fixx
Video Killed the Radio Star / The Buggles
Axel F / Harold Faltermeyer
AEIOU Sometimes Y / EBN/OZN
I.O.U. (12" Version) / Freeez
Don't Stop the Rock / Freestyle
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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/09

2018-07-09 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #synthpop #electroclash #indietronica

Denki Groove

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title / artist
Lo Boob Oscillator / Stereolab
La Femme Chinese / Yellow Magic Orchestra
Playgirl / Ladytron
Radio Silence / Envelope Generator
This Being / Powderpaint
Tokyo Genghis Khan / Denki Groove
Dancing Horse On My Notes / DE DE MOUSE
Voodoo People / The Prodigy
Petty Happiness / Red Martian
Cable Babies / Japanther
Sci-Fi Wasabi / Cibo Matto
Radial Emotion / Marsheaux
Could It Be / Mackintosh Braun
Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix) / Air

It was my first time to livestream an audio file ("Voodoo People" by The Prodigy) from a 3.5" floppy disk tonight thanks to SDF member adamd. It started out as a joke because most of us on SDF/aNONradio love the 1995 movie "Hackers" and so stuff from the movie is usually always mentioned on the show. Ha ha. A HUGE THANK YOU to adamd and Clair for sending me a gift containing delicious blueberry products from their hometown and of course, the floppy disks -- there were 2 -- a 3.5" and an 8" floppy disks containing "VERY IMPORTANT" files. Ha ha! Please refer to images below.

I would like to mention 3 special artists tonight: Powderpaint, Envelope Generator, and Red Martian. Please click the links for more information about them and their works. Please support them!

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/08

2018-07-08 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #ambientTechno #ambientHouse #ambientBreaks #bigBeat #darkAmbient #tripHop #glitchHop #idm

Magic Sound Fabric

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title / artist
Space Traffic Control / Magic Sound Fabric
Purify (Moodswing Remix) / Balligomingo
Twilight / Delerium
Dael / Autechre
(I Hate) Mugger / Binärpilot
Loop / LFO vs. F.U.S.E
Bae / Lords of Synth
Foreign Trips / Frank De Wulf
Mos 6581 (Ajja Remix) [feat. Ajja] / Carbon Based Lifeforms
Halcyon and On and On / Orbital
Calculator / Les Petits Pilous
110 To the 101 / The Crystal Method
Man Next Door / Massive Attack
Bad Wings / The Glitch Mob
Battlestar II / Binärpilot
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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/07

2018-07-07 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #ebm

Moskwa TV

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title / artist
Hypnopedia 666 / Hypnopedia
Poseidon / Metropolis
Last Night (Spectral Mix) / Konzept
Moskwa Electronic / Moskwa TV
Submarine Dance / Signal Aout 42
Die Zeit Der Zusammenkunft / Time Modem
Atomic Playboy (Follow The Leader Mix) / Space Trax
Impuls / New Scene
Das Spiel / "O"
Human Transmission / Konzept
He Chilled Out / Liaisons D
It's More Fun To Compute (2009 - Remaster) / Kraftwerk
Firing Line / Noise Unit
Hoochie Mama / The 2 Live Crew
Resist / Front Line Assembly
Techno La Droga V1.4 / Negrosex
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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/03

2018-07-03 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #80sSynth #newWave

Modern English

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title / artist
Hazy Shade of Winter / The Bangles
Tiger Tiger / Duran Duran
The Change / Sad Lovers & Giants
A Forest (1979 Live TV Performance) / The Cure
Someone's Calling / Modern English
Bruises / Gene Loves Jezebel
Promised Land / Skeletal Family
Disorder / Joy Division
Dancing with Myself / Generation X
Punk Rock Girl / Dead Milkmen
A Moment Like This / Fra Lippo Lippi
Once in a Lifetime / Talking Heads
Moonbeam / Men Without Hats
Love My Way / The Psychedelic Furs
Tubular Bells / Book of Love
Meteor Man / Dee D Jackson
It's Raining Men / The Weather Girls
The Slightest Touch / Five Star
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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 2018/07/02

2018-07-02 23:59:59 +0000
#playlists #anonradio #minimalWave #synthpop

Nine Circles
(Photo credit: Nine Circle's official Facebook page)

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title / artist
Animals from Outer Space / Ende Shneafliet
Cabaret Voltaire / Sympathy Nervous
Looking from a Hilltop / Section 25
This Is the Rose / Nine Circles
Minimal & électronique (David Carreta Remix) / Buzz
Je suis passée / Hard Corps
Disco Dance (Romina Cohn & Ezequiel Araujo Remix) / David Carretta
I Wanna Be Ugly / Workerpoor
Proxima Centauri / Nicolas Chenard
Beneath Me (Original Mix) / Dancepig
Always Then / The KVB
Circus (Vocal Mix) / Lifelong Corporation
I Feel Space / Lindstrøm
Love Devotion / The Chaenge
Red Light Mirrors / Crackdown
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