Oh dear… What happened to my promised a-blog-a-day? LOL. I have been forgetting to do them before going to bed.

Anyway… I’m on vacation this entire week, plus with the provincial holiday on Monday, I’m only going back to work on Tuesday.

Miss Favourite at work was trying to get me in trouble last Friday.

I ended up in good terms with my boss… I think. She responded to my very long email.

Our family camping plans failed – something to do with my Mom vs. sister. My sister has been very moody lately but that is expected due right after childbirth. She suffered from postpartum moodiness the last time and so this time is no different… but my Mom is stubborn sometimes.

… and so… so far I’ve been doing a lot of long distance cycling. Monday I cycled from Mississauga to Toronto again and picked up this from Urbane Cyclist. It is pricey but it’s worth it. I always see expensive but very durable stuff as investments so I told myself it’s OK. It’s going to be very useful for me. Then I went to High Park after and just hung out and do nothing. I did enjoy hanging out with the resident ducks though.

Tuesday (today) I had my car’s licence plate replaced since I got the defective ones from years ago and I just did not get a chance to get them replaced. They were recalled years ago but I did not know… only found out about it when my brother-in-law told me about it. My old plate was unreadable thank God I had not been stopped by the police and got fine. Then I went to Ikea and purchased a new really nice chair.

I’ve got to stop spending that’s for sure.

Tomorrow I have no plans yet but it would most likely involve some cycling again.

You know I have always wondered why Canada has public Catholic schools. These schools should never get funded by public money. Canada is a secular democracy. Why the hell do we have stuff like public Catholic schools?? They are pretty smart though – we don’t call them ‘public’ here. We call them ‘separate schools’ – which is still pretty much ‘public school’. I know this because I came from one! I got riled up by a post from Thread - ACLU files suit to block the country’s first religious public charter school. This made me wonder what about Canada???