So from 4:30PM yesterday until 12:30PM today, I was smoke free. Eight hours! That’s been the longest I had been smoke-free. During lunch I was feeling all kinds of discomfort, anxiety, restlessness, problems with focusing, etc. You name it. I was getting all the side effects of quitting smoking.

After lunch I headed out to buy a pack of cigarettes… but this time, I have decided to take on a gradual reduction of tobacco with nicotine gum for the cravings in between. For 1 month, I will only smoke 5 sticks a day. Every month, I will reduce it by 1 until I reach 0 cigarette.

Maybe that would work instead of quitting cold turkey.

I am weak emotionally. I have an addictive personality and that’s why it’s really been hard for me to quit this bad habit.

I need to readjust my quit date on that quit-smoking site. LOL.

We are a bit sad today because my newborn baby nephew is back in the hospital for phototherapy. He has jaundice. Apparently it is common for newborn – 3 out of 5, 60% of them suffer from this. I found out all of his siblings (my nieces) had jaundice when they were born but only this little boy had to do phototherapy. He will be fine. But still, poor baby had to go thru this.

Anyway, I need to get up extra earlier tomorrow since I will have to be physically in the office downtown (Toronto).

Good night.