I have decided to move my aNONradio.net show Intergalactic Wasabi Mix back to its old time slot every Saturday and Sunday, 23:00 to 24:00 UTC.

It was a bit of a tough decision. I moved it to Thursdays and Fridays a few months ago because I became very busy on weekends but that only lasted for a short time. I have become very busy at work recently that I had been staying over my usual finish time at 4PM. To be honest, I sometimes work until 8PM just to finish my work. I hope this stops soon because I would end up burning myself out if I continue doing this. I know it is ridiculous. I can actually feel the burn out starting little by little. Year end has always been a very busy time at work. I think it will die down by end of January so I'll be a bit patient. Hey, it pays my bills so I've got to love my job, right??!

I think the show's original time slot will work out better for me. I've been doing this show on this time slot for over 8 years now. Wow. I sometimes can't believe how long the show has been running every time I say it!

By the way, I ended up buying a new car (an SUV to be more specific)... yikes! I wasn't planning it but our old 2014 van needed repair and it would cost us quite a lot and so I figured maybe I needed a new vehicle... and a smaller one! I think this is what's been driving me to work even harder! LOL Can't afford to lose the job now, can I? Need to pay the bills!!