It’s been really frustrating battling negativities everyday. I know that these are all just in my mind. I really need to be distracted more other than work. Recently I have considered the possibility of meeting people again for dates maybe but I find my frustration increases as more false negativities come to mind when I’m seeing people. I have ruined many possible relationships because of these negative thoughts. This is one of the reasons why I stopped seeing people years ago. I feel safe when I’m single not seeing anyone. I know they are not real but my mind makes them real. One single action by others, I tend to over-analyze it… I mean like this overthinking just never stops. Yes, I’ve gotten professional help for this and I do try to apply what I have learned from those sessions when these thoughts happen. You might think it’s nothing, I can deal with them easily or even forget about them quickly but it’s different for me. It literally drains me off of my energy and affects just about everything in my life… can’t function well when they come.

No, I will be more self-confident. I will be strong. To hell what others think. If they don’t want me, I don’t want them. It’s as simple as that. My self-worth is important and I will give myself importance. No, people around me think nothing negative of me. I will keep believing everyone around me is good-natured. I have done nothing wrong to make them dislike me. I can be annoying, yes, because I talk too much, but I have self-control and I know when it’s time to stop, take a step back, and do a self-check. I do care about others and I am very mindful of others. When nothing seems to work, time to move forward.

I will remain kind, calm, cool, mature, etc…, and will not let my negativities turn me into a demon.