I’m a new uncle… again. My sister gave birth to her 4th child - a very healthy baby boy - this morning. The first 3 are all girls… each of them now was born in each season. This little fellow is now the summer child. I thought that was very cool. The baby’s name is a bit ‘unconventional’ so my parents are already having a hard time saying it. LOL.

What else happened? Let me see. Drove my Mom to her GP because she’s been having a really bad headache or nausea for the past few days. She’s OK. Doctor thinks she has vertigo.

I have been getting vertigo too every time I get up really quick from a squatting position… but then I think everyone can experience it if they do it that way.

I worked, as usual… extremely busy day.

After work, at about 4:30PM, I think I have smoked my very last cigarette… and I’m hoping it is for real this time. I have quit smoking many times and after a few hours (OMG not even days!!) I would quit ‘quitting’ LOL. I really want to quit for good this time because I have been noticing my breathing is getting louder now especially when I am lying down. I also have been coughing pretty bad, not always, but when I do, it is pretty bad. I also don’t want to suffer from any tobacco-related illnesses. I guess I’m OK with a quick death (sorry… morbid) but I definitely don’t want to suffer, from say, lung or throat cancer. Also, I would like to keep cycling long distances… and in order to do that, I have to be in perfect shape. I don’t think I can do that with really bad lungs! Also, I still would like to visit many places in the world before dying… so help me God.

So, I took the nicotine gums out (again) that had been sitting in my drawer for the past year (or more) now and revisited the Canadian Cancer Society’s website to renew my ‘quit date’. I set the date for today since today is extra special – my nephew’s birthday.

OK, that’s all for tonight. Good night.