No Robots Please!!

2018-10-25 04:22:57 +0000

So I just found out today that Google indexes my gopher site! That is not good. I really don’t want to be all over the web for various reasons.

Hmmm… What did I do today?

I worked. I work in downtown Toronto now in the financial district. It takes me about an hour and 10 minutes one way to get there. I promised myself never to reveal the type of work that I do and the name and type of company I work for. Some people I interact with on a regular basis online may already know what I do and so I will leave it to that. I just started this new job in the beginning of the month. Honestly, I love the company and the work that I do… except there was one thing I do not like about it… I will keep that a secret.

I take the train everyday… and to get to the train I take the bus. I enjoy taking public transportation to be honest. There is less stress from traffic and driving especially during the winter. I can save more money when I commute and it’s less harmful to the environment.

I got home and did my usual after work stuff – ate dinner, washed the dishes, cleaned Momo’s litter box then enjoyed a cup of coffee. I was listening to DJ zeptar’s really wild livestream on aNONradio while on the crowded train home. That guy is wild! Ha ha. I like him. He is a cool dude.

I did some job searching for a bit. I really want a part time job to boost my income for various reasons.

… and now I’m tired and sleepy. Must go to bed.

Good night.


A note on copyright:

All of the tracks included in my live mixes are not my work, unless otherwise stated. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing my live shows. My activities on and Tilderadio are/were/have always been strictly a personal hobby. and Tilderadio are both for-hobby, not-for-profit, non-commercial and fully volunteer-member-run and funded Internet radio services. If your track/piece of work gets included in my mixes then it means that I love and admire you and your work and I am in effect promoting you and your work to my listeners for free.

However, if you are an artist and are still not satisfied with my explanation in the above paragraph, please contact me.


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