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I Am Muggsy

This was a movie I originally created in 2011 for our beloved cat Muggsy with iMovie '09 but unfortunately, when I upgraded iMovie to '11 a lot of stuff in the movie project got all messed up. I just did not have time to fix it. Muggsy unfortunately died in June of last year (2017). I did not have the courage to fix the movie until recently. Fixing and watching this movie brought up a great deal of emotion from me -- mostly sadness. I dedicate this movie to our beloved cat Muggsy. May he rest in peace.

I Am Muggsy from garyg3 on Vimeo.
Music credit: "Pure" by Marsheaux ©2004 / Undo Records

The Visitor

Starring our house cat Momo and an unexpected visitor...

Let's Blog 'SDF' Style!

"low tech" blogging using jekyll on SDF (Super Dimension Fortress) Public Unix System Music credit: "Nice" by Polysics ©2001 / Asian Man Records

Mystica japonica

Just a collection of videos I took in Japan. Summer is my favourite season. How about you?
Music credit: "Exit" by Marsheaux © 2009 Out of Line Records/Undo Records

Eigo Noto

A fellow JET teacher of mine created this movie with me on it. We basically made fun of the textbook we were using to teach English to kids in Japan. I actually liked the textbook but my fellow JET teachers didn't... Oh well... So my friend manipulated the audio tracks from the CD that came with the textbook and gave them a whole alternative meaning (LOL). Enjoy! :P

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