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I am one of the DJs on SDF's underground internet radio anonradio.net. Listen to me LIVE: Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue - 23:00-24:00 UTC (6-7PM EST/5-6PM CST/3-4PM PST) --> http://anonradio.net/listen

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The Visitor

Starring our house cat Momo and an unexpected visitor...

Let's Blog 'SDF' Style!

"low tech" blogging using jekyll on SDF (Super Dimension Fortress) Public Unix System Music credit: "Nice" by Polysics ©2001 / Asian Man Records

Mystica japonica

Just a collection of videos I took in Japan. Summer is my favourite season. How about you?
Music credit: "Exit" by Marsheaux © 2009 Out of Line Records/Undo Records

Eigo Noto

A fellow JET teacher of mine created this movie with me on it. We basically made fun of the textbook we were using to teach English to kids in Japan. I actually liked the textbook but my fellow JET teachers didn't... Oh well... So my friend manipulated the audio tracks from the CD that came with the textbook and gave them a whole alternative meaning (LOL). Enjoy! :P

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