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I am one of the DJs on SDF's underground internet radio anonradio.net. Listen to me LIVE: Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue - 23:00-24:00 UTC (6-7PM EST/5-6PM CST/3-4PM PST) --> http://anonradio.net/listen

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DJ katm0naut is just an alter ego of mine, i.e. basically just one of my DJ names. I experiment on audio files, sampling and effects using my MacBook Pro, Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller and Serato DJ software, and do them live on anonradio.net's Openmic Sessions (Saturdays and Sundays 00:00-04:00 UTC). I am also a regular DJ on anonradio.net. Here are some of these experiments. These files were all extracted from files in the anonradio.net Archives:

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