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date: 2017-12-30 23:59:59 +0000

title: intergalactic wasabi mix playlist - 2017/12/30


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name / artist
Adventures of Dama / Cybordelics
Brain Circuit Surgery / Glitch
No Fear / Yasmin Gate
Acid Rain / Milkovic feat. Bminimum & Sekonz
Turkish Testosterone (Original Version) / Adriano Canzian
Wildlife / Jasper
Invasion (Source Mix) / Korendians
Retroflection / And.id
Kupe (Louis Irvine Remix) / Public Malfunxion
Corridor (Original Mix) / CLÄNK.
MAX (Original Mix) / Moshé Galactik
Chronicles (Ascii.disko Remix) / Mini
the way / vain
Fragments / Jamie Short
Airport / Jauzas the Shining
Send Me an Angel / Keoki
Why?? / Neil Essex

Tonite I featured a fellow aNONradio DJ's, hardmous a.k.a. Korendians, original track "Invasion (Source Mix)". hardmous a.k.a. Korendians' show livestreams every Saturday from 22:00-23:00 UTC on aNONradio.net. He usually plays psytrance and Goa trance on his aNONradio show. I found out that he has made techno/tech house tunes as well and so I thought I'd play one of these tunes and it was awesome! Thank you hardmous! Check out hardmous a.k.a. Korendians on Soundcloud --> soundcloud.com/korendians

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