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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist - 2017/04/24 - Electronica Mix (Mostly Techno)

2017-04-24 23:59:59 +0000

#playlists #djing #music #anonradio

Dense & Pika

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title / artist
Dancing In Outer Space (Masters At Work Rascal Dub) / Atmosfear
Electro Waves (Summer Mix 2011) / Digi
Power To The Underground / ARG, Sara
Beat The Knuckles (Frankie Knuckles 12" Mix) [Remastered] / Frankie Knuckles
I Feel Love (Masters At Work 86th St Mix) / Donna Summer
Storm In The Sky / Eyelash
Louder Than A Bomb (Dense & Pika Remix) / Tiga
Riot 77 / Hellx, Rhamm Thrash
Hold Em (Eddie Richards Mix) / Terry Lee Brown Junior
Little Minxy / YROR?
Iniskull / Rustal
Louder Than A Bomb (Dense & Pika Remix) / Tiga
Obscured By Clouds / Alex Raider
Monster / Hystericmaniak
Total Fire Ant Control / Master Program

snowdusk's comments:
After the unfortunate crash of Serato DJ on my aging Early 2008 MacBook Pro two weeks ago, I have decided to go back to DJing on my 2 Pioneer CDJ-350s and a DJM-350 mixer. It was so weird getting back to the old routine. I forgot how much work was involved DJing 'semi'-old-school on these machines. Livestreaming on aNONradio also involves interacting with listeners on SDF's COMMODE chat program in the 'anonradio' room... because these CDJs involve more 'manual' work compared to my usual set up of Serato DJ software + Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ controller hardware, I unfortunately could not spend enough time interacting with my listeners. I also got so used to looking at waveforms that Serato DJ offers which I use to know when I can start transitioning to the next track... my CDJs, being low end Pioneer CDJs, unfortunately do not show me waveforms... but that's OK... I can manage that. I used to DJ with these machines in the past anyway... but Serato DJ spoiled me a lot after I switched my set up to 'complete' digital DJing... and SO, going back to the point, I tried DJing on my usual setup of Serato DJ + DJ controller in this show. Serato DJ did not crash during the whole set. I just had to remove a lot of 'extras' from my poor Mac so that it could handle the heavy load ... to be honest, in my whole time with aNONradio, Serato DJ only crashed once before... It is a very solid/stable DJ software, even on an old dinosaur like my Mac! BUT, unfortunately, during this set, two of the tracks I loaded from Pulselocker (livestreaming DJ service built-in to Serato DJ) failed to get downloaded completely... twice! Ugggghhhhh.... I really do not know who to blame -- Serato DJ? Pulselocker? My Mac? My internet connection? Oh well. SOOOOO, sorry for the DJ fails on this set. I was actually thinking of not publishing it here on my blog, but I decided to publish it anyway. Who cares?! I'm DJing for fun and entertainment. This is not a competition at all! Thank God I was in a good mood that day, otherwise, I probably would have just disconnected and not continue the show. Ha ha!

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